Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Fig Tree

 With extra spare time and a lack of creative output, I've decided to start up this blog again in the hope that it'll force me to write more. I first began this account in 2007 but over the past couple of years my enthusiasm for blogging has fizzled out to nothing... I blame Tumblr. It's a great resource and it's taught me a lot but in regards to self-expression it's a dead end for me. Just reblog, reblog, reblog... More like a noticeboard or scrapbook than creative outlet. So here I intend to record thoughts, dreams and experiences as an outlet for my writing as well as photographs because I really do enjoy taking them. 
At the present moment I'm sat on my bed, the two skylight windows in my attic bedroom wide open to maximise the breeze, a mug of wine to my right and thoughts from The Great Fluoride Debate which the house + visitors just had in my housemate's room still floating around my mind. In 2 weeks I will have left this house, which has been my home for the past 13 months, and moved on to pastures new. Plans surrounding my new lodgings are yet to be finalised so I'm currently just trying to soak up as much atmosphere and enjoyment from this address as I can before I have to leave it. 
My possessions are strewn between bags and boxes but my books are still stacked up in a mountain on the floor. They'll probably be the last thing I pack because I like to have them handy at all times. I am an avid collector. Recently I've bought more new reads than I can currently call to mind and manage to be reading on average 5 different volumes at any given time. My life is not panning out as I expected and so I retreat into fantasy worlds, exploring their landscapes and meeting their inhabitants, when I'm prevented from exploring this one.

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